Complete Family Medicine Services

Hayward Family Care is your complete “medical home.” We are set up to help you manage your way through the complex medical environment. We are your one-stop location for all your healthcare needs.

Hospital Services.

We work with hospitalists at each of the local hospitals. Hospitalists are medical specialists who only do work in the hospital – they have no outpatient offices. They are like extensions of our practice, serving as our “inpatient patners.” In particular, St. Rose Hospital’s hospitalists have access to your medical record, and work in coordination with us.

Care for the whole family

We offer services to the whole family, including adult internal medicine, non-operative orthopedics, dermatology, pediatrics, and routine women’s care. We offer immunizations (adult and pediatric), including seasonal flu vaccines. Though we don’t offer prenatal services, we work closely with obstetricians for full prenatal care.

Medical plan participation

We participate with all health plans, either directly or through Hill Physicians Medical Group. We do the billing for you, and only bill you your copays or patient-owing portions. We are experienced in Managed Care, and can help with referrals, authorizations, and access to a robust network of healthcare providers.

We are extremely proud of the pioneering clinic we have built and the patients we serve.